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Tribe HQ Brookvale members competing in workout

What do we mean by compete?

Something our members all have in common is that they're here to compete. And this looks different for everyone.

For some, it might mean showing up each week competing with yourself to be better than you were the week before.

For others, it might mean setting a goal to run the City to Surf or train for an Ironman Triathlon.

And for some, it means signing up for one of the many functional fitness or CrossFit competitions that are held throughout the year.

Here are a few snaps of our Tribe fam putting themselves to the test this year.

We also run a few of these competitions ourselves throughout the year. As a member of Tribe you can look forward to The Tribe Games, our annual in-house competition, as well as our Tribe Duos and Duets and Fittest on the Beaches competitions that are open to the public.

Why do we encourage all of our members to compete on some level?


We believe seeing what you're capable of when you push your limits physically and mentally is truly rewarding.


The resilience and mental fortitude you build in these moments will translate into how you handle your biggest challenges in life. You'll be better prepared and stronger mentally.

It adds purpose to your training (if you hadn't noticed, we're all about that)

It's also just a bloody good time! You'll forge friendships and create memories that will stay with you forever.

Come and experience the Tribe difference for yourself.

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