My approach to nutrition coaching is to educate my clients on how to build sustainable habits to continue for life. There are no quick fixes in my book and I coach, using a flexible dieting approach while understanding what science tells us is required to not only achieve your ideal body composition, but also optimize your health and performance.

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I wear many hats (my favourite one is mama), but I’m also a gym owner, online nutrition coach, personal trainer and group fitness coach. I’m a striving athlete with a background in endurance running but have found a new passion in CrossFit.


I grew up playing representative sport and followed in my big sisters footsteps completing my Certificate 3 in Fitness by the age of 15. Now at 27, I have a Diploma in Fitness, a certificate in Nutrition & Sports Performance and have owned and operated Peak Fitness Huskisson for 7 years.

My passion for health and fitness has boomed over the past year after breaking into the online space. I’ve taken extreme pride in connecting with hundreds of fellow mummas, athletes, women & men from all walks of life. Assisting in making their journeys one of balance, consistency and accountability has been one of my most fulfilling roles yet.