"No matter the goal, consistency and hard work will always outweigh talent"


My philosophy in life extends well beyond the gym floor. A state of mind whereby no stone is left unturned in my relentless pursuit of real and unconditional happiness. My definition of true happiness has evolved through different stages of my life, and encompasses all of what this life has to offer, not just training and diet.



I am a Co-owner, Head Programmer and Head Coach at Tribe Headquarters.

I've accumulated a wealth of knowledge throughout my years of experience in the fitness industry and professional sporting realm. As an ex professional baseball and CrossFit Games athlete, I've witnessed first hand what it takes to be successful. Hard work and dedication are traits that I believe to be the key to my own success, but I understand that finding a healthy work, training and life balance is just as important, if not more.


I understand the sacrifices that need to be made to achieve your goals, and will give everything I have to see the people around me succeed in what ever they set out to achieve.